Saint John of God Hospitaller Services – Malawi
Lilongwe Mental Health Clinic

Lilongwe Celebration group med res 

From left: Tabitha Dzoole, Charles Mafeni Soko, Julliet Kaunda, Br Donatus Forkan, Until Chipeta, Evance Luhanga, Zelipher Chimlala, Edonia Thole, Precious Kachale and Michael Nyirenda.

Staff in Saint John of God - Lilongwe Clinic celebrated 1 year service on 11th November, 2013. The ceremony was graced by Br. Donatus Forkan and the Management of Likuni Mission Hospital. The Clinic clocked 1 year on 5th November, 2013. It opened its doors on 5th November, 2012, after a commissioning ceremony that took place on  19th October 2012.

Two clients were attended to on the first day. To date there are 470 clients on register with an average of 23 new clients and 107 clients attending the service every month.

Apart from the static clinic, there are 6 outreach clinics established within the surrounding communities and domiciliary care is also provided for clients within Likuni and immediate surrounding areas.

The Clinic is recognized and approved by regulatory bodies: Nurses and Midwives council of Malawi, Medical council of Malawi as well as the Pharmacies, Medicines and Poisons board.

Partnerships have also been established with a significant number of stakeholders including the Ministry of Health through the department of Non-communicable diseases, Kamuzu Central hospital, Lilongwe District Health Office and Bwaila Mental Health Facility and many others

We are grateful to all our Development partners for their generous financial and material support which has made the long term aspiration of extending services to the nation’s capital became a reality.

Saint John of God Hospitaller Services Malawi provides community-based mental health services, and services for children with a disability and or special needs.

Saint John of God Hospital - Ireland

Ruth Loane

Dr Ruth Loane, Consultant Psychiatrist, Psychiatry of Later Life in Saint John of God Hospital has been elected as the next President of the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland.  Her term of office will be from January 2014 until December 2016.

Saint John of God Hospital is an acute psychiatric teaching hospital with 183 beds including 12 for adolescents, out-patient and day hospital services. The hospital accepts patients from all over the country and abroad. Patients are also referred through the community mental health service for southeast Dublin administered by Saint John of God Community Services and based at Cluain Mhuire, Blackrock.

Saint John of God Hospitaller Services – Malawi
Self Help Group Project


Saint John of God Hospitaller Services, Mzuzu has been implementing the Self Help Group (SHG) Project since 2010 to empower the poorest of poor women economically, socially and politically through savings and credit, social involvement and group cohesion in partnership with Kindernolthilfe (KNH), Germany.

Since its inception the organization has facilitated 72 SHG Groups throughout our catchment area. As of September, 2013, the once poor women have:
• Total Savings amounting to Malawi Kwacha 14,807,964
• Malawi Kwacha 26, 332, 420 loan amount disbursed to date. 
• 1379 members with 2085 girls and 2065 boys.
• Involvement in various trade and capacity to feed children and send them to school easily

In order to strengthen the project, Saint John of God Hospitaller Services organized an open day for all seventy-two Self Help Groups to meet together at one place (Saint John of God College Hall) on 3rd September 2013 where there was sharing of testimonies on how other women have benefitted with self-help, a role model group which showed how a strong and good SHG should be, drama, songs, poems and then later a fundraising activity for the four Cluster Level Associations.

The function was attended by community leaders, District social welfare officials, Staff and various media houses. Media houses aired interviews with some women from various groups on how Self Help is transforming them socially, economically and politically. About 1000 women attended the function.

Women’s testimonies during the open day gave evidence on how the self-help approach is really alleviating women’s poverty based on the three pillars. Through this open day many groups have been strengthened and are really working hard so that they too can do well just like the role model groups.

Saint John of God Hospitaller Services Malawi provides community-based mental health services, and services for children with a disability and or special needs.

Saint John of God Community Services – New Jersey
Archbishop Damiano School

 New Jersey Trout 1
Evelyn Vargas takes part in the Trout in the Classroom project.

 Students at the Archbishop Damiano School are helping to re-establish trout in New Jersey’s rivers. Through the Trout in the Classroom project our students have the opportunity to raise trout from eggs, care for them as they grow, and then release them into the wild.

The project began in September with the installation of a special refrigerated aquarium. Fertilized eggs were delivered. Students then sorted viable from non-viable eggs (pictured). The viable eggs were placed in the aquarium. The eggs soon hatched. Students are currently testing the water for appropriate pH and ammonia levels (pictured). The trout will reach full size in February when they will be released.

New Jersey Trout Eggs

The release of trout coincides with the beginning of the Quail in the Classroom project in which students raise quails, the New Jersey state bird, for release into state forests.

Saint John of God Community Services – New Jersey is a non-profit, non-sectarian agency providing educational, therapeutic and vocational programs for people with disabilities, inclusive community daycare and grant-funded job services for people with barriers to employment.

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