daniel and karen

Hi. My name is Karen. I am currently studying for a degree in Environmental Science and have been a volunteer in Saint John of God Day Services in Drogheda for the past two years,   I usually volunteer 1 day a week and love to get involved in all activities with the Service Users which include feeding and going for walks. I especially love using the Sensory Room with its special lighting, music and objects.

Volunteering means taking time out and doing something in the hope that it will make a difference to someone‚Äôs life, and I see this difference and appreciation in the faces of the people I am helping all of the time.  Through volunteering I have made new friends and learned new skills. I even represented the Day Service at Saint John of God North East Services Strictly Come Dancing Fundraiser which was great fun.

Through volunteering I have grown in confidence, learnt new skills as well as so much about equality and advocacy.  Volunteering does not feel like work. It is a great social activity and if it is something you have considered and are able to give even just a few hours of your precious time a week, I would highly recommend getting involved.  My experience with Saint John of God North East Services has been very rewarding.

Karen Bowden

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