Come and See Hospitality!

Presentation of a Hospitaller Story by a Hospitaller for Each Day of the Year

When initially the United Nations dedicated a year to a certain subject or topic be it a popular theme e.g. world peace or a less well known theme for example ‘year of the potato’, it grabbed the imagination of a number of people who would have a particular interest in the proposed idea or it just didn’t get the attention of others because of a lack of interest in the topic in question. It was hoped that having just one idea, one subject, it might stop people in their tracks, so to speak, for a moment to reflect a little on the topic and perhaps influence them for good. Modest enough objective, most would agree!

These days to have a year dedicated to a specific theme or idea is almost passé. However, in my opinion we shouldn’t be too quick to disregard the idea. In our busy, busy world of instant communication through face book, twitter, selfies etc. etc. helping people to focus on one idea clearly has its challenges, but also its merits. The challenges are obvious the benefits are many; it helps to ‘grab’ people’s attention for a moment giving them something specific to reflect upon. To think deeper thoughts and reflect on an issue that may have relevance for them in their daily lives.

We had such a year in 2011-‘12 - Year of the Family of Saint John of God. The many events that took place throughout the world during that year became the catalyst for helping to change our thinking and attitude in the way we see ourselves as followers of Saint John of God, uniting us with a sense of being one family with one mission. This is something that not only has endured but some wonderful new and imaginative ways of expressing the idea have mushroomed throughout the world.

Building on the ‘success’ of that year, although given our internationality, as a family it is still unfolding, - a work in progress - the last General Conference (Chapter) of the Family of Saint John of God, held in Fatima, Portugal, in 2012 agreed that the year 2015-2016 be dedicated to The -Calling-Vocation of the Hospitaller today. The proposed reflection will centre on what it means to follow in the Footsteps of Saint John of God as a lay person or as a consecrated Religious Brother in our modern world.

To help us in our reflection throughout the year an ambitious project was undertaken by an international committee to generate 365 reflections, one for each day of the year, by a members of our Hospitaller Family of Saint John of God. We congratulate and thank the members of the committee for providing us with this wonderful resource.

It is a real pleasure therefore, for me to present these reflections; I know you will enjoy them. Just one example is the first reflection for January 20th by a lay Hospitaller, William Ekerum of Monrovia, Liberia. William tells the story of his experience caring for fellow Hospitallers, all Brothers at that stage, who had fallen victim of the Ebola virus. In all 18 Hospitallers died. These Hospitallers are true heroes who inspire us and fill us with pride at the witness given of what is at the heart of our calling-vocation to follow in the Footsteps of Saint John of God either as a lay person or as a consecrated Religious Brother.

Enjoy the experience and spread the word!

Brother Donatus Forkan OH - Provincial

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