Saint John of God Hospitaller Services Group

Statement of Position on the Referendum to Repeal the 8th Amendment to the Constitution of Ireland

“In light of the upcoming referendum which will decide whether Ireland will retain or repeal the 8th Amendment to the Constitution, the Board of Directors of Saint John of God Hospitaller Services Group re-affirms its commitment to respecting and protecting the right to life of mothers and their unborn children.

It is keenly aware of the painful challenges and acute suffering experienced by women in difficult or crisis pregnancies, or struggling with life-changing decisions and outcomes. It is also convinced that Irish society has the human compassion and capacity to cherish and care for all mothers and their unborn children with the utmost respect for the lives of both.

Through continuing to offer excellent compassionate, and holistic professional medical, emotional and spiritual care and support to women in traumatic situations related to pregnancy or birth, Irish society will remain at the forefront of human rights promoting a culture of life."

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