Our Multi Element Behaviour Support Course Jan - Sept 2015 is now open for booking. 

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Callan Institute offers training and consultation to care staff and families in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and in Friendships, Relationships & Sexuality (RUA).

Positive Behaviour Support uses effective, non-aversive approaches to work with people who have behaviours of concern, so that they can enjoy valued lifestyles in the community.

RUA aims to support staff and carers to enable people with intellectual disability understand sexuality and develop friendships and relationships in their lives.

For current training opportunities, contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01 289 4139.

Positive Support Training Courses 2015


Our Training Programme for 2015 is now available.

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John Mitchell and John Kane of the Development Company with the Lord Mayor of Dublin Christy Burke at the International Charity Bazaar cheque presentation ceremony. Photo: Jimmy Penroll at Photojpen.ie

The week before Christmas saw a very welcome donation to the Saint John of God Development Company in the form of a cheque for €10,000 from the International Charity Bazaar for the Ebola Campaign. The following day we received €65,000 to help prevent Ebola in Ghana and €450,000 for mental health outreach in the Order’s service in Malawi – over half a million Euros in two days!

 Executive Director of the Development Company, John Mitchell, says “The Brothers in Sierra Leone greatly appreciate the help they have received from Ireland. Manager of Saint John of God Hospital in Lunsar, Brother Michael Koroma, wrote: "Virus containment is very costly as it involves a lot of money. Your staff and friends in Ireland were amongst the first who reacted on time to save us from this disaster. We could have lost more staff and other patients if not for your emergency response.”

 John continued: “While the Ebola Campaign has been a specific focus last year, most of the money raised by Saint John of God Development Company is for services in Ireland - around €7million in 2014. We are very grateful to all our donors for their support.”

 For more information, log onto www.sjogdonations.ie.


Angulo 2

Angulo by Carla Senf


Angulo Day - Celebrating Our Staff

The 19th of January has been designated "Angulo Day", an annual date when Saint John of God Hospitaller Ministries celebrates the contribution, skills and commitment of our staff members.

The day is called after Angulo, a close companion and Co-worker of Saint John of God.


Companions in Empowerment

John of Avila  "ANGULO"   - The Cornerstone of the Hospitaller Family

Brother Donatus Forkan OH - Provincial


Angulo - The First Co-Worker

Saint John of God’s first biographer, Castro, tells us that John felt the need to have a paid helper, a young man to accompany him in the streets of Granada and to mind the house during his absence. And that he chose one who was trustworthy, “alike in spirit”, reliable, and who stayed with him to the very end. His name was Juan de Avila, which by coincidence, was the same name as Master Juan de Avila who was John's spiritual mentor. Presumably to avoid any confusion, John gave his helper the nickname 'Angulo'.

Angulo had just turned 30 when he joined John in 1544. John took Angulo on as a paid employee, ie, a Co-worker, not a disciple. Angulo came to enjoy the absolute confidence of his employer with John referring to him affectionately as 'my companion'. Angulo married Beatriz de Ayvar in 1549 and the couple had four children. His commitment to Hospitality continued for 33 years after John’s death.

So we have two men with the same spirit but living different personal lifestyles - Angulo becoming a family man with a wife and children, while John of God was a celibate charity worker. Their different lifestyles did not prevent them from being "alike in spirit". John of God was the prototype “Brother of the Order” and Angulo was the first co-worker of the Order, dedicated to service of the poor and needy. Their relationship was also the prototype of the one between Brothers and Co-workers today, marked by genuine friendship, companionship, mutual trust and a sharing of the same values and a mutual and genuine concern for one another. 

adapted from an article by Brother Brian O’Donnell OH





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